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Send Photographer Stories a Voice Message

You can now send Photographer Stories a Voice Message.

So if you want to ask me something, send a voice hate mail or tell me I’m wrong, go for it!

Just click on this link and do it.



Podcast Connections

One of the coolest things that this podcast has done is bring people together. Quite a few times I have seen the people who have been on this podcast connecting with each other on social media, they wouldn’t have known each if it wasn’t for this podcast and now they’re favouriting each other’s photos on Instagram. Nice!

Being featured on iTunes’ New & Noteworthy is nice!

And the winner of the Zero Image 4×5 pinhole camera giveaway is…

First iTunes Review!

We got our first iTunes review! 5 stars!

I’m not too sure about the reviewer’s name but I’ll take it!


p.s. Recording Episode #2 tomorrow!

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