Photographer Stories #2: Chris Zissiadis 11/08/14


This is the second episode of Photographer Stories. Earlier today I chatted to my good friend Chris Zissiadis aka Ziz. We talked about photography, obviously and other things like a photography dry patch he is currently going through, independent publishing, photo books, cameras, digital cameras and lots and lots of other shit. With a very, very brief interaction with Eighteen the cat. Enjoy! Cheers, MRJ.


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First iTunes Review!

We got our first iTunes review! 5 stars!

I’m not too sure about the reviewer’s name but I’ll take it!


p.s. Recording Episode #2 tomorrow!

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Photographer Stories #1: Rhys Allen 31/07/14

Hi. This is the first episode of Photographer Stories. Yesterday I talked to one of my friends/Flickr buddies Rhys Allen aka Serge Marx. We talked about the early days of Flickr, the Melbourne Silver Mine, Unsensored and lots of other shit. Also starring Oscar. This was my first time recording someone, I don’t know a thing about recording sound or interviewing people, but I think I went ok. I’m sure they’ll improve over time. Enjoy! Cheers, MRJ.


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