Photographer Stories #15: Shelley & Rebecca 20/08/2015

Hi and welcome to episode 15 of Photographer Stories. I made another one! This is a very special episode of Photographer Stories for two reasons. Firstly I chat with a female photographer (finally) and secondly it’s a double episode, two female photographers at the same time! That’s like a two for the price of one episode of Photographer Stories, that’s good value! I speak to Shelley and Rebecca, two colleagues of mine who studied photography at a tertiary level and who are also awesome photographers and awesome ladies! We had a good chat the other night after work over cupcakes about them, photography, photographers, cameras, life and other shit. There is also an extra special secret message at the end of the podcast for you to decode. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, MRJ. p.s. Here is my Joel Meyerowitz boob fondling gif.

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