Photographer Stories #4: Craig Nye 26/08/2014

Hi. This is the 4th episode of Photographer Stories. The other night I went over to my friend Craig’s house and we sat down and talked as quietly as humanly possible while still being able to be heard on the recorder and ate tiny ice creams. We talked about cameras mostly, because he’s owned a few, he stopped counting at 74, that’s a good number to stop at. We talked about photography regret, DIGITAL CAMERAS, working in photographic retail and other things photographic too. Craig runs a photography related forum called Sweet Photos Bro, you should check it out. Cheers, MRJ.


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2 observations on “Photographer Stories #4: Craig Nye 26/08/2014
  1. Frank

    Enjoyed the PodCast, it was a great listen. I’m looking forward to more. It may not seem like much; but I am learning from these. I’ll take the opportunity and join in the convo and say, the clichés of modern cameramen & women are getting way out of hand. I wish we could have a forum where photographer’s, especially new photographers like myself, had a place to learn from. A place to have serious critics. a bit of a school mentality. On another note, in relation to another part of the conversation; I truly am in love with the xpan cameras. I’ve heard stories of their upkeep and stress. However, It takes possibly –if not the best– some of the mot unique and beautiful shots offered from raw photography today. It’s great to hear the stories and the adventures of a photographer especially when there isn’t anyone really in my group of friends who take camera talk seriously. (they’d rather talk about the art and the subject.) That’s not a complaint; really more like an explanation to the statement. Also My friend’s haven’t been shooting for very long either. Thus, I look forward to the next ‘Photographer’s Stories.’

  2. jojonas

    what is seventeen, times 10; minus one (in words)?
    apparently I can’t spell out my math in WORDS!!! haha onehundredsixtynine? one hundred and sixtynine? one six nine? all wrong apparently 😛
    maybe I’m just too tired and should go to bed so I can see that it’s actually “minus one” or something silly


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